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How do I advertise with Ad-dicts?

There are four options provided to make your advertising experience an easy one:

  1. Ad-dicts Ads- To send out an ad to our mailing list, have it posted to our Facebook, Twitter and website pages: Click here
  2. Ad-dicst Jobs: To upload your CV for free click here to advertise a vacant position in your organization click here
  3. banners: To learn more please email
What do I need to be able to advertise on Ad-dicts platforms?

Here is our no fuss method of advertising

Ad-dicts Ads- To advertise with Ad-dicts ads you need:

  • Artwork- We only ask that you put in a creative flare and keep the size of your bought ad in mind
  • Plain text Version- We send both an image and plain text version so that everyone can have the benefit of seeing your ad in all its beauty, but not forgetting those that have a slow internet connection and appreciate being able to just read all about it.
  • To make payment- You can make payment by either pay right into our bank account or pay us a visit at our offices: The new Ad-dicts office is located on United Nations Road /Ave. in Longacres
    From Longacres Roundabout, go towards Intercontinental Hotel on Haile Selassie Ave.
    Take the second road on your left—United Nationals Road / Ave – opposite the filling station.
    Ad-dicts office is located approximately 500m along the road on the left, directly opposite the Kenyan Embassy.(Stand 4529 /REM/CL/2 UNITED NATIONS ROAD/AVE. LONGACRES)


I have paid for my ad- What happens now?

Ad-dicts Ads provides a platform for all your online advertising needs.


Whether you are looking for the best hotel deals in town or trying to spread the word about an upcoming event at your shiny new restaurant to that car you have been meaning to sell, Ad-dicts is your answer.


By purchasing an ad you are gaining the following benefits:

  • Your ad is placed in one of our two Ad-mails, that are sent out to our mailing list with over 3000 subscribers locally and internationally.
  • Your ad is the posted to our website, Facebook and twitter pages, for ultimate reach
  • On request we can provide statistics for your ad and how well it was received.
How do I subscribe to the mailing list?

Congratulations on making a great choice to join Zambia’s in-the-know mailing list.


The mailing list is free to join and with just a few easy clicks you will be receiving all the great offers from all over the country: Click here to subscribe

What is Ad-dicts jobs?

We are here to get you through whether it’s at the start of your career, in the middle or if you are looking for someone to take your company to the next level.


Ad-dicts Jobs provides a platform to place your details and help you find the job of your dreams. It is also where we post available positions in various organizations that have gone to our mailing list.


Post your CV by clicking here or to post an available vacancy click here

How do I post my CV to Ad-dicts jobs?

Post your CV by clicking here or to post an available vacancy click here

How do I remove my ad or CV from the Jobs page?

Answer to be uploaded soon..




Our service has expanded to include Jobs, Events, Online payments, and a new Advertising platform for our clients!




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