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Ad-dicts started in 2009 as a newsletter platform in an effort to promote awareness for the Lusaka Animal Welfare Society. What started out as a simple act of goodwill soon became a household name in Zambia and around the world. From furniture to events, Ad-dicts provides “in your face” email marketing to over 4000 local and international subscribers, promising variety, expertise and a personal touch. Welcome to the most Ad-dictive Advertising service in town.
Ad-dicts. Get hooked!

Lauren Watson, Director

Lauren is a qualified practitioner of global marketing, who has had many years experience in the Zambian market.
Fun fact: Lauren represents Zambia in International Polo cross.

Siobhan Watson, Director

Siobhan (Shi-von) is a successful business woman with four businesses under her belt.
Fun fact: Siobhan owns one cat, two dogs and seven lively horses.

Temwani Nyirenda, General Manager / Account Executive

Temwani has a degree in Marketing and Management and is currently working on attaining her MBA. She has 5 years work experience in the Zambian and South African market.
Fun fact: Temwani loves reading, traveling and cooking.


Our service has expanded to include Jobs, Events, Online payments, and a new Advertising platform for our clients!




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